Business 114

Resources for Conducting an Industry Analysis

Buzz Words that can be used when searching:

  • Analysis
  • Outlook
  • Survey
  • Trends
  • Overview
  • Industry

Identify the Industry

Ebsco Business and Proquest databases on VU Library webpage

Industry Overview – Where can I find a current overview of an industry?

How can I find trade associations for a specific industry?

Industry Trends, Statistics and Educational Materials

  • US Industry & Trade Outlook (Library) ref HC 106.5 A544
  • Statistical Abstract of the US (Library) ref HA 202 S7
  • Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios ref HF 5681 R25 T7
  • Trade Associations – Ask specific questions, e.g., “How large is the (industry) market in California in terms of dollars?” or “Do you have a list of distributors available for the western US?”
  • ZapData – Dun & Bradstreet offers free statistical industry data on their website Free registration is required.
  • Biz Stats (free)
  • Hoovers database
  • Hoover’s Online (free) (free)
  • Lexis Nexis database: Use the power search/select “sources” pull down menu and look for US company reports

Industry Developments, News, Innovations and Government Regulations

Consumer Market Data

Competitor Information

Search company websites for more information on their business.

Additional resources: (info on companies) (international) (travel)

Pam Crenshaw/Mel Covetta Fall 08