Gateway Sites

  • Journalism Resources and Media Law
  • Media and Communications Studies Site
  • An excellent site for communication scholarship. British-based, well-constructed, and easy to negotiate. TV and Radio section has subsections such as Children and TV, TV and Gender, and TV and Violence.
  • Links to Communication Studies Resources (U of Iowa)
    This major site offers links on the home page to listservs, journals, and sites organized in broad subject categories (Advertising, Media Studies, etc.) plus many additional pages of annotated resources in Communication and Media Studies.


Communication Theory

  • Communication Theory Resources
    A short list of sites compiled by a Comm professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Each site listed is annotated.
    Last updated in 2007

Film Studies



Nonverbal Communication

  • NonVerbal Communication Research Page
    Links to resources in this subject: organizations, journals, people studying nonverbal communication and interpersonal sensitivity. Maintained by a psychology professor.


  • Radio Days
  • Mercury Theater on the Air
    The Mercury Theater on the Air is most famous for the “War of the Worlds” broadcast on Halloween, 1938, when listeners who tuned in late thought aliens were actually landing in the Northeast. At this site you can listen to many of the Mercury Theater broadcasts by using RealAudio or by downloading them.

Public Address/Speeches


  • Television News Archives, Vanderbilt U.
    Index to and source for the most extensive collection of network news. Searchable by date, year, and keyword. Index is free, but if you want full text, it will cost you. Very valuable source.
  • NY 411: Film and Video Production in New York
    Directory of film, television and video production companies in NYC.